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Altec Motors Ltd are fully qualified members of the Vehicle and Operator Service Agency (VOSA) now known as the DVSA – Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency which means all work is carried out to their standards. This also means all records of MOT tests and your car or vehicle passing its MOT is logged. When the time comes in future to sell your vehicle and the buyer was to check the MOT test history, like they can do online on the governments “check MOT history” website https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history all work will appear.

All of our MOT work is £40 per test. We also don’t charge if you need a re-test carried out within 10 workig days. Altec Motors Ltd use full diagnostic testing for our MOT’s which means you will have a full report showing exactly what condition your car or vehicle is in. This means you can be sure any repair work required is essential. Car & Vehicle MOT’s are a huge part of our business, we aim to provide the best possible service in Greenock & Inverclyde. The way we look at it is if we do this for your MOT test you are likely to trust Altec Motors Ltd for any other car or vehicle repair work you need in the future.

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